sleep with bandage your first night to prevent rubbing over the raw area and to stop any fluids that are still oozing from sticking to bed sheets.
and if you wash the tattoo first evening,its a good idea to put new plastic film, on till next morning. since you do not know what your doing while asleep.

If your tattoo stucks to the bed sheets, do NOT just pull the sheets away from your skin, this could rip ink out from your tattoo. Instead, you need to soak the stuck area with warm water until the sheets peel away easily. If you need to drag your sheets into the shower with you then so-be-it.

Next morning GENTLY remove the wrap by undoing or carefully cutting through the tape used by your artist to stick the wrap to your skin.
If your wrap is plastic, gently peel the material away from your skin, it shouldn’t stick at all.

After you’ve removed your wrap, your tattoo is likely to be covered in a thick gooey layer of blood,plasma, and lymph fluid. The clear plasma is what you will want to clean off most thoroughly as this is the fluid that will eventually start to set and harden in order to begin the scabbing process.

you need to wash gently with warm water and soap 2-6 times a day , to prevent infection. leave the tattoo to dry first 2 days without applying lotion.
after that scabbing should begin, and a thin layer of tattoo lotion ,made for healing tattoos can be applied.

NOT just any lotion, as this can make your tattoo heal bad.

also DO NOT put lotion on your tattoo too often, as this can make the tattoo ooze ,and attract germs.
also its easier to scrape off the scab and destroying the tattoo if softened too much by lotion. a thin layer 2 or 3 times a day should be fine.

after 10 -14 days your tattoo should have healed and the scab fallen off by itself
the skin can still be dry, and feel like scarred the first month or 2 months after healing, this is perfectly normal.
after settling in ,your skin will be normal again.



– This is vitally important. After a few days, your tattoo is going to begin to scab over. This scabbing should be mostly light, but some thick scabs can appear over certain areas depending on how much the area was worked on.

These scabs should not be picked or pulled off under any circumstance. Scabs that are not ready to fall off are potentially still connected to deeper skin layers where the ink is still in the process of setting, meaning that pulling a scab off could cause ink to be pulled out of the skin along with the scab.


– Once your tattoo has finished the scabbing phase, the skin will begin the peel and flake away. This flaky skin, no-matter how inviting, should not be played with, picked, or peeled off.

This skin may look like it’s only literally hanging on by a thread, but it can still be connected to pigments of setting ink, meaning that by picking at the skin, you could be removing bits of ink too.

BATH IN SWIMMING POOL, OR SEA, to avoid germ exposure, and possible infection of the tattoo.

if the tattoo should get infected contact your doctor. antibiotics will usually heal the infection.

DO NOT apply lotion if infection starts. or your tattoo starts oozing pus, instead wash with warm water and soap, and let it dry out.

it needs to breathe and dry out , to heal.
if any questions feel free to contact the shop