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Tattoos for men and women - see our gallery

do you need inspiration, or would you like to see an example of tattoos we have done, you can go to our gallery.

our artists works in different styles , and we will help you to find a design that will match your idea, and you will like, wether its feminine tattoos for women , or masculine tattoos for men. or just something personal ,and unique.

Does a tattoo hurt?

yes it does. but you can make it easier for yourself ,by sleeping, and eating well, prior to your tattoo appointment. do not show up drunk ,sick or, tired. it will make the pain harder to endure. 

and dont bring extra distractions for yourself, like for example kids ,that you have to take care of while getting your tattoo. you need to be able to relax yourself, during the tattoo session.

Our skilled tattoo artists

will help, and guide you during the tattoo process. good advices after getting your tattoo 

when you get a tattoo at enter the dragon tattoo ,you will be guided about the aftercare. a tattoo done by a profesionell tattoo artist will have low risk of getting an infection or likewise, but it is still a scab that needs proper aftercare in order to healwell.

There are rules

That you should follow ,to be sure that your tattoo will heal fast ,and look good after the healing process. 

for example:

do not ever peel the scab.

a tattoo will get a thin scab ,during the healing ,which is very important to keep clean by rinsing with hot water and soap several times a day.

do not ever play with the scab, or peel it ,with dirty fingers.

when getting a tattoo ,we suggest that you keep the bandage on till next morning. then take it off and wash gently.

let the tattoo breathe next couple of days, while washing often ,and let it air dry. after a couple of days, you can apply a thin layer of lotion sold by us or at the pharmacy, made for tattoos. 

apply lotion the next 1-2 weeks, until the tattoo has healed, and the scab has fallen off by itself.

if you follow the guidelines, your tattoo should heal fine.