etd tattoo Studio

A tattoo studio a stones-throw from Strøget in CPH

Your safety

At Enter the Dragon Tattoo we care about our costumers safety which is why you’ll find the studio as members of DTL (Danish Tattooist Guild) and DPUT (The Professional Independent Tattooists)

Japanese / Oriental Tattoos

The style of Japanese tattooing, or irezumi, is a timeless style which goes centuries back. If you are looking for anything in this specific style, please let us know your ideas, and we will be happy to help you bring them to life.

Besides the Japanese tattoos, we do all different styles of tattoos. Contact the shop, and set up a meeting for consultation so we can provide inspiration, or talk about whichever idea you may have for your new unique and personal tattoo.

Our call us at   32 20 16 31

Art on the Body

Tattoos must be beautiful and should be made by professionel artists. A tattoo is forever, it’s painfull to get, and it’s twice the pain to have it removed. – Therefore You should always choose your tattoo artist carefully. 

Award winning tattoos

Our tattoo artists have won many prices during the years, in different categories. For example in Japanese tattooing, which is the speciality of Soren Lind.

Soren Lind also do other styles, and have won more than 30 prizes for his work at different conventions, nationally and internationally.

Our skilled tattoo artists

Will help, and guide you during the tattoo process, a tattoo done by a profesionel tattoo artist will have low risk of getting an infection or likewise.

Soren Lind

Owner & Tattoo artist


Tattoo artist


Tattoo artist

Vincent Pálsson

Tattoo artist

Our Story

After years living all over the world, I finally opened a studio in my native country, Denmark. Located in the most central part of Copenhagen, our studio has exactly the right blend art, ink, and soul, and we’ve caught it all on video.

Why choose ETD Tattoo studio for your next tattoo

Unique designs and years of experience

Soren travels and has travelled a lot around the world, and at many occasions also worked in Japan. He has been a tattoo artist for more than 20 years. And is very experienced. And you can meet him at Enter the Dragon Tattoo. 

Besides the Japanese tattoos, we do all styles of tattooing. Call the shop, and set up a meeting for consultation, so we can provide inspiration, or talk about whichever idea you may have for your new unique and personal tattoo. 

See you at Enter the Dragon Tattoo.

You are safe with us

Having a tattoo is a matter of trust. Color is literally injected into your body and it does not wash away. It is therefore important that the ink is approved for tattoos.

Our Designs are unique

We sketch our designs ourselves. You can of course be inspired by other peoples tattoos, but a tattoo from us is always unique.

We employ artists from around the globe

At Enter the Dragon tattoo we often have guest artists visiting. We can therefore always offer the opportunity to experience new/old cultural styles and designs

Find us on SoMe

Please visit our Instagram or Facebook for ideas for your next tattoo. 

Enter the Dragon Tattoo

Soren is my favourite artist in the shop and I love Japanese/asian tattooes and he did/does a magnificent work on me. That’s why I keep going back to him.

Knowledge · Honest opinion· Clean shop· Equipments are sterilise · Open minded · Serious and trustworthy · Staffs is also available for walk-in customers.

Victoria F. Yeung

Enter the Dragon Tattoo

Such A Great experience! Such nice people and awesome tattoo artists!
Very happy I had mine done here. Would definitely recommend 

Liv Carstensen

Enter the Dragon Tattoo

Soren is an amazing artist, and I would highly recommend him to anyone that wants more than a tattoo – but a true piece of living artwork! It is no wonder that people travel around the world just to see him, or wait for a year for availability…. the man is phenomenal!

Melissa Johansen

Get in touch with us

Do you want a new tattoo? In other words, are you looking for a talented tattoo artist in Copenhagen? Do not hesitate – we will work hard to find the best solutions.

Our call us at 

32 20 16 31

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